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LinkedIn thought leader in 2 hours / month

B2B SaaS founders know how important their personal brand is, but they don't have the time to create content. We believe their message ought to be heard.

Long sales cycle are frustrating and time-consuming

We believe the solution is to create content and become a thought-leader.
The issue?
You don't have the time

As a founder, your planning is full.

You struggle to find inspiration

The "white page syndrome" prevents you from getting started.

Your employees are busy

You don't have the internal ressources to create content.

Creating content takes time. Not anymore !

You can become a thought leader on LinkedIn in just 2 hours per month. We know your time is precious.

  • We record you through webcam interviews. You simply have to share your knowledge.
  • We identify the most valuable moments of the recording and edit them into easy-to-digest pieces of content.
  • We publish and monitor posts, you have nothing to worry about.

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Your message ought to be heard!

As a B2B SaaS founder, your ambition is to bring change to your industry. Become a thought-leader on LinkedIn in 6 months and share your message with the world. It only takes you 2h/month!
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We work with driven B2B SaaS founders to help them share their message, generate demand, build trust and shorten their sales cycle.
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