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About Us

Hello, we’re Mālama

Mālama means 'to take care of' in Hawaïan. We believe business can be human and that companies should take care of the planet, society, and their employees.
Mālama was founded by Madison Leclef, a Gen Y former employee of major corporations, that wants to make things change in the business world.
Madison Leclef, founder of Mālama
Founder's story

Business doesn't have to be meaningless

Madison Leclef founded Mālama based on his personal experience with multinationals and major corporate organizations.
September, 2014

Business Engineering studies at UCLouvain

"I took the traditional path towards a corporate job. I studied Business Engineering in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium."
August, 2017

Shadowing experience at Johnson & Johnson

"During summer of 2017, I got the opportunity to shadow a top executive at Johnson & Johnson's worldwide headquarters in New Jersey, USA. It was my first experience in the corporate world."
September, 2017

CEMS Master in International Management

"I then pursued my path straight towards multinationals with a Master in International Management. I studied among the top-talent of the university as this Master's is only available on selection by a jury."
April, 2018

Intern in Transformation Office at Henkel

"This experience in Henkel's worldwide headquarters in Düsseldorf is a turning point for me. I realized that the corporate life maybe wasn't for me after all. I started to experience anxiety about my future career and burnt out during the internship."
September, 2019

Business Analyst in Technology Strategy at Deloitte

"After recovering from my burn-out, I went back to thinking the corporate path was maybe still a good way to start my career. When offered a job by Deloitte, I was proud, I felt that I did what society wanted me to do. 9 months later, I once again understood corporate life wasn't for me."
July, 2020

Founded Mālama

"Lacking purpose in my previous experiences, I decided to go work on my own and try to solve the issues I had faced. My objective is now to help driven entrepreneurs to make the world move forward by leveraging the amazing power of the internet."

“Business is key to making our world a better place.”

We believe entrepreneurs have a unique opportunity to change the status-quo and improve the world we live in. This is why we are so passionate about helping them achieve their goals.

Madison Leclef

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